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Enjoy three unique classes designed by Goldie – for life!

Goldie Yoga Classes (3) on Demand

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Class 1: Long, Strong, Steady + Unexpected (48 minutes)
This class is a fun one! Prepare to focus your attention with unique strap work built within the flow. Your shoulders will get flossed, your hamstrings will get both activated and lengthened, and there's even some fun, floaty, flying transitions on blocks. Nothing boring about this one, my friends! Our peak postures are utthita hasta padangusthasana (extended hand to big toe pose) and hanumanasana (splits). Class rounds out with a deep forward fold, some chill twists and, of course, a solid savasana and meditation.

Class 2: Goldie's Shin Vinyasa Meets the Alter of Your Heart (39 minutes)
Hands down my favorite kind of practice, this class highlights the "360 degree" movement I often speak of while teaching. We move three dimensionally and incorporate undulating the spine while moving fluidly like a beautiful, ocean wave. With my coined shin vinyasa, deep quadricep opening, anahatasana (melting heart pose) and solid chest opening, you'll be more than prepped for dhanurasana (floor bow) and ustrasana (camel). A sweet savasana and the world is yours! Enjoy this one. It's pretty epic.

Class 3: Side Seams + Heavenly Hamstrings (53 minutes)
In this class we move deep into the side body (yum!) while also stretching the inner thighs/groin and hamstrings in preparation for parivrtta janu sirsasana (revolved head to knee pose) and visvamitrasana (an arm balance named after the sage Visvamitra). Class starts slow enough to ground and center and then works up to a rhythmic and fluid flow, ending with some pretty delicious postures and a solid savasana and meditation. There are plenty of modifications for the beginner and advanced student. Fun fact: this class incorporates many of my favorite postures.

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