A letter to my 24 year old self...

       When putting a newsletter together, as anyone who has done before knows, it usually comes with a chunk of time needed to hunker down and get it all out before over-editing so much that you end up at point A, again. This one is going to be different. I'm going to treat this newsletter like a journal entry or letter to my pre-yoga teacher self when I was 24 years old, living a completely different life, and wondering if I should go into the medical field or take a Yoga Teacher Training. You can archive this and go back to boring emails, or you can read what I have to say and maybe it'll inspire you, too. Short and sweet. Here goes.
       Dear 24 year old Goldie, With all of the questions you ask yourself and the various roads you can take, stop trying to make sense of them so that life unfolds cleanly. The choices that make little sense, the one's that have 1000 unknowns, those are the one's to invest in because they have the largest reward and end making sense in hindsight. Say yes to the things other people may not understand. Be more unconventional because straight roads are predictable and that's not enough for you. Everyone should do a yoga teacher training at some point in their life, and because life is fickle, there will always be reasons to talk yourself out of it. We all deserve a multidimensional experience. Stop sitting back and shaking your 'magic 8-ball' and start getting uncomfortable and interested in what lies beyond reason. Goldie, you don't know this yet, but your largest pay off experienced will be a result of your smallest investment in the grand scheme of things. Say yes to Teacher Training and get after it.