A teaching mentorship specially crafted for all regardless of where you live. 

Not in San Diego? That’s ok! We will work together to create a schedule that works for your busy life. 

Yoga is a practice that is constantly evolving, and as teachers, hopefully we are too. This intimate mentorship is limited to 10 teachers who have previously completed a 200hr yoga teacher training. We will first meet and chat one-on-one via FaceTime. Then, I will email you three, 90 minute videos of me lecturing on the topics below. Once all 3 have been watched, we will again chat on FaceTime, covering any and all material you have questions about. We will cover at a minimum, the below following 3 areas of the classroom.

The formatting will go like this: Please find a quiet space to watch this and take notes, write down questions, have your props nearby if needed, etc.  I'd like to schedule our FaceTime call within the same week of you watching it so the information is fresh and the formatting of each session stays cohesive. If your schedule doesn't allow for this, don't fret! I will tailor it to make it work for you. 

Session 1-Sequencing, verbal cuing, finding your voice & play listing: In this first lecture I cover the ever-elusive process of writing a sequence. I will walk you through step by step, almost like an algorithm, how I sequence and why I believe this is the best way to learn for all learning styles. Just like there is an order to the alphabet, the same things applies to your sequences, whether you make them creative or not. Additionally, we will cover verbal cuing, finding your voice and playlisting. Please note, finding your voice and verbal cuing are topics we will cover at every meet up. These aren’t skills you learn in 90 minutes but they will improve over time with specific homework. 

Session 2-Props to you: In this lecture we will learn how to incorporate more prop usage into every class. Lets think outside of the box. There is a misconception that props are only for those who don’t know what they're doing or are "beginner level." This is incorrect and in fact, when you’re not asked to grab props before class, that should concern you. Props don’t just make postures fit your unique skeleton better, they also serve to make postures more challenging. Knowing how to teach, cue and demo with props is to know how to teach a well rounded “all levels” class.  

Session 3-Flourish while functioning: In this final module we will discuss how to balance your life as a hustling yoga teacher and business owner (yep- you’re on a 1099 which means you are your own boss! Pretty rad!) while still finding joy in your own practice.This will be an open forum amongst the intimate group I filmed with, to discuss all things business, social media and boundary related. Not only is it important for you to set up boundaries with your students, but also with yourself.

Investment: $575
Payment accepted: Venmo, Check, or Cash
To sign up, please email me at GoldieYoga@gmail.com

I can't wait to work with you!